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Gypsum is an abundant naturally occurring mineral with many beneficial uses in agricultural and horticultural industries. Originating from the drying out of ancient seas it’s quarried or mined in many parts of the world.

Calcium sulphate di-hydrate, as it is also known, is used as ‘clean green’ soil conditioner and fertilizer. Being pH neutral makes Gypsum perfect for regulating soil and gives it an advantage over other minerals.

Gypsum is particularly useful for treating heavy (clay) soils where it is used to improve texture, drainage and aeration. And being a naturally occurring mineral ensures that Gypsum complies with all current organic production regulations.

Gypsum also has applications in the remediation of soil that has been damaged through compaction (heavy stock, machinery), in the recovery of sub-soils exposed by earth movement (contouring, slippage) and in soils affected by salinity (estuarial berms, dairy effluent).

Gypsum is used extensively in the building industry (wallboards, cements, plasters etc) and in the manufacture of paper, food and beverages and pharmaceuticals.

“Gypsum increases the flocculation of certain chemicals in the compost, and they adhere to straw or hay rather than filling the pores (Holes) between the straws. A side benefit  of this phenomenon is that air can permeate the pile more readily, and air is essential to the composting process for mushrooms.”

MartinTe Mata Mushroomswww.tematamushrooms.co.nz

“We have ground spread Gypsum to lift the Ca herbage content of pastures with some success. Gypsum has also been used extensively to increase Ca intakes of cows post partum with real results. This has been dusted onto pastures from early July through to Oct/ Nov.”

GaryHauraki Dairy Farmer

“As the crop buds up early we use water for frost protection (15 frosts last season) – in conjunction with heavy traffic in row, Gypsum provides a suppressive nature for root zone diseases such as amelleria by helping to maintain or improve soil porosity. The Calcium gains help increase dry matter /storage characteristics of the resulting crop which lead to stronger return. We see it as a long term fix in the management of our orchard”

CampbellManager - Waima Orchardswww.kiwigold.co.nz

“Regular application of Winstone Gypsum is critical to maintaining the health of our golf course. It is an exceptional product we could not do without”

SteveManager - Cape Kidnappers Golf Course www.capekidnappers.com

“Excess salts in soil profile due to continued use of Magnesium containing lime fertilisers need to be amended via Gypsum. Gypsum is the ideal chemical amendment for this”

BryceAvoca Groupwww.avocagroup.co.nz

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